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SolvoltOx Energy Solutions – Pioneering a future of innovative energy, responsible stewardship, technological excellence. and exceptional service.



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In an ever-evolving energy landscape, SolvoltOx stands out as a pioneer. What sets us apart?

  • Innovation in Energy: Our forward-thinking approach drives us to create innovative energy solutions that make a difference.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every client’s needs are unique, and we specialize in tailoring our solutions accordingly.
  • Global Expertise, Local Insight: Our experience spans continents, and our solutions are informed by a deep understanding of global trends and local demands.
  • Sustainable Future: We believe in the power of renewable energy to create a more sustainable and responsible future for all.

Clients choose SolvoltOx because our people are easier to work with.


In the dynamic world of electrical and energy technology, SolvoltOx Energy Solutions traces its roots to a legacy built by our founder. Beginning a journey at the age of 18 as an electrician, our founder has devoted 26 years to the industry, evolving and adapting with the ever-changing landscape. The passion for renewable energy, efficient power generation, and innovative technology has remained an unwavering driving force.


SolvoltOx was born from a vision to revolutionize the energy industry by harnessing the power of clean, renewable sources and integrating cutting-edge technology for intelligent energy management. Our founder’s expertise spans across an impressive array of fields including power generation, telemetry, solar energy, high voltage, low voltage, energy storage, and energy management. Our commitment goes beyond mere products and services; we are devoted to crafting transformative solutions.


We believe in the potential of technological innovation to redefine the energy ecosystem and contribute to a sustainable future. We understand the global challenges posed by energy consumption and the urgent need for more efficient and renewable alternatives. SolvoltOx brings together a team of skilled professionals, technology enthusiasts, and industry veterans who are committed to leveraging innovative technology for cleaner, smarter, and more efficient energy solutions.


Through intelligent energy storage, solar innovations, smart grids, and sustainable power generation, SolvoltOx is at the forefront of driving the transition towards renewable energy and ensuring that our solutions are in harmony with the environment. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a greener, more sustainable future powered by intelligent energy solutions and cutting-edge technology. 

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Leverage worldwide relationships and technology to creatively get the job done.


Listen carefully . Make a true effort to understand.

Adjust to our clients' environment. Be flexible.



Do the right thing - even when no one is watching. 


Our mission is to

make your project easier

through quality work
and exceptional service.

Leadership Team
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